Why do I get abdominal pain right after eating a banana?

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  1. reeferman49686swoman Says:

    You may have an allergy to them. If you are allergic to latex you may as well be allergic to bananas as well.
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  2. BigSexyMami Says:

    Sounds like you are intolerant to something in the Banana if not the Banana itself
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  3. Helmut Says:

    The "worst" criticism of bananas that I can find on the net is that they are a mild laxative. For me, however, they are a strong, almost instantaneous laxative, sometimes accompanied by stomach cramping, which can be severe. I have heard others warn against eating bananas that are too green, saying this causes discomfort for them. My doctor has no information on these effects.

    Bananas are known to be a very good source of potassium. My personal theory is that, for some people, ingesting a banana results in an intolerably high level of the potassium in the body. The body attempts to rid itself of the "offending" substance as rapidly as possible.

    If I am correct , the use of "lite salt" exacerbates the problem, as lite salt is mostly KCl.

    BTW, my doctor is still scratching his head over this
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  4. shubiz Says:

    hey my son has the same problem..i think it has to do with how ripe they are…if they are not ripe enough he gets a tummy ache
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  5. eagle9465 Says:

    Peel the banana first! I agree with the person that said the ripeness may be the problem. If I eat the "green" bananas I get an upset tummy…the riper ones don't do that to me. Plus the riper ones taste better too!
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