What has the highest weight? A ripe banana or a not yet ripe banana?

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  1. Allegory Says:

    Bananas are pound for pound the cheapest produce you can buy. Any weight difference wouldn't be enough to save you any substantial money.
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    Worked in a produce dept for 10+ years

  2. Bruce J Says:

    Fruit will weigh a bit less as it ripens.

    However, the best way to get your fruit to ripen is to put it in a brown paper bag and fold it over.

    The fruit 'exhales' ethene gas as it ripens. When you seal it in a paper bag, the ethene gets trapped, and accelerates the ripening process.
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  3. arelad@btinternet.com Says:

    Bruce J is wrong here. I put my banana into a brown paper bag and folded it over… result one squashed banana…

    Hands up all those who thought I was talking about banana's of the other type………………
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  4. 46582 Says:

    Bananas lose a minimal amount of weight as they ripen, but buying riper bananas won’t save you much money – if any. Grocery stores usually sell bananas that are all around the same stage of ripeness, so the margin of gain is even less.
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