Recipe: Banana Bread (with walnuts and dates)

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  1. DrStrange66 Says:


  2. nemoryer Says:

    I loved this video …
    I loved this video – thanks for putting it out — looks easy.

    Questions: Exactly how many cups of banana and dates do you put in?

    Can I also use an electric mixer as I am used to using one?

    Also, I read a comment that it did not rise, did you need baking powder (this usually make things rise).

    I will definitely make this recipe very soon.

    Thank you for posting.

    It was also delightful to watch.

  3. Taijar Says:

    I made this too …
    I made this too today !! It turned out absolutely delicious. 😀 I put less sugar then you suggested and I forgot to put in the baking soda. I use self-raising flour that probably helped. Still, it was good. Thanks for sharing once again!! YOU ARE A GEM,

  4. masala2510 Says:

    i made this today …
    i made this today according to the video…turned out tasty but dint fluff up enough,even though i added the right amount of baking soda…????help

  5. blulinx Says:

    that looks good…. …
    that looks good….I don’t have an oven. Would that recipe work using a steamer?

  6. nithyareddy85 Says:

    it was awsome
    it was awsome

  7. miaiscutexoxo Says:

    its ok with out da …
    its ok with out da nuts

  8. asian12329 Says:

    it would taste …
    it would taste different

  9. ooxena Says:

    If you use whole …
    If you use whole wheat flour, will it still turn out okay?

  10. zbuiwn Says:

    very cute ! 😉
    very cute ! 😉

  11. kikhard20k Says:

    This is so quick …
    This is so quick and easy, thank you for sharing your reciepe and effort.

  12. claerwenclaerwen Says:

    this is very simple …
    this is very simple and super tasty thank you!

  13. gacloud50 Says:

    Great vidio, easy …
    Great vidio, easy watch and understand.
    So easy I made banana bread for the first
    time thank you

  14. Splatai Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  15. guitarlennon Says:

    Oh hallelujah, our …
    Oh hallelujah, our problems are solved. We have banana bread.

  16. masta5 Says:

    I’ve seen many …
    I’ve seen many recipes all (of course) similar) but yours is the best so far simple editing simple camera work (not fixed) and simple chef. Awesome

  17. pinkplum13 Says:

    whenever i make …
    whenever i make banana bread i make at 3 a.m for some reason so i call it 3 a.m bread

  18. pinkplum13 Says:

    haha…margareen( …
    haha…margareen(south park)

  19. kjhuggard Says:

    Try adding a half …
    Try adding a half cup of unsweetened apple sauce for added moisture and throw in a handful or two of dried cranberries, cherries or blueberries. YUM!

  20. trinasaur Says:



    Awesome. Easier than I thought!

  21. hafsa26 Says:

    I meant the photo …
    I meant the photo is up on the web at flikr dot com/photos/25514953@N08/2398025827/
    This recipe it’s really healthy. We greased the tin using a little oil on kitchen paper.
    May thanks

  22. hafsa26 Says:

    Thank you we made …
    Thank you we made it, using honey instead of sugar and it tastes like a delicious tea cake. We have put the photo up on flikr dot com /25514953@N08/2398025827/

  23. ur4ever1 Says:

    thank you! can’t …
    thank you! can’t wait to bake one..hehe.

  24. cookingtheeasyway Says:

    you do not vanilla …
    you do not vanilla or lemon zest to it? i think it “breaks” the eggy taste in it! nice recipe!

  25. moelplat Says:

    I agree with …
    I agree with natalielynn88! Guys who know how to cook are so cool!

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