Please provide some good banana recipes?

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  1. AnswerBot6.9 Says:

    Grill or bar-b-cue in skin till black. Peel off a strip of skin and break over some of your fave chocolate. Eat.
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  2. mustang Says:

    Creamy Bananas Foster Dip

    Creamy Caramel Sauce
    1 chopped banana
    1 Tbsp. lemon juice
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1/2 cup chopped pecans
    2 apples, cut into wedges

    Combine first 4 ingredients in 2-cup baking dish; sprinkle with pecans. Bake at 350° for 10-12 minutes or until bubbling. Serve with apple wedges. Makes 4-6 servings.
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  3. AlliGirl Says:

    Chocolate-Covered Bananas

    5 bananas
    8 popsicle sticks
    3 cups good quality chocolate bar
    3 tablespoons butter, cut up
    Chopped nuts
    Toasted coconut
    Cookie crumbles
    Colored sprinkles or chocolate jimmies
    Mini chocolate candies or mini semi sweet chips, for chocoholics

    Peel and cut the bananas in half crosswise, so that you have 8 pieces. Place peeled bananas on sticks. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Place bananas on the cookie sheet in the freezer, keep them in there as long as possible, at least 10 minutes. Heat chocolate bits with butter in a double boiler over low heat until the chocolate melts and butter is incorporated. Dip the chilled bananas in chocolate and roll with your favorite topping. Chill or freeze until ready to serve.

    These are so incredible, you won't need ice cream this summer! There's also a recipe I love that is truly southern. Here it is:

    2 slices white bread
    Peanut butter (however much you prefer)
    1 banana, sliced

    Spread the peanut butter on the inside of the bread. Layer the bananas on top of the peanut butter on one slice of bread then top with the other. Butter the outside of your bread and grill this sandwich like you would a grilled cheese. The peanut butter melts and it's just wonderful! If you want, you can substitute Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread found in the peanut butter aisle) instead of peanut butter for an even more decandent treat! Hope this helps!
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  4. Karen Says:


    4 bananas, sliced in half (lengthwise)
    1/2 c. butter
    1 tbsp. rum
    1 tsp. cinnamon

    Saute bananas in butter, rum mixture. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve over coffee ice cream or vanilla ice cream.
    NOTE: Add 1 teaspoon coffee to butter, rum mixture if coffee ice cream is unavailable.
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  5. blackdeath452 Says:

    peanut butter and banana sandwich
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