Does Anyone Know Recipes Made With Green banana?

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  1. FRADZAP Says:

    BANANAs are indigestible until the skins start getting brown spots….a green banana is a bad banana!
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  2. rose m Says:

    cut thin slices of green banana and fry it like french fries.
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  3. Hi D Says:

    Hi. I only know platano recipe. Cut banana on a bias. Put in hot oil to cook on both sides (length of time depends on how thick its cut). Remove platanos and smash with a heavy pan or whatever else you have. Return to fry for a very limited time. Removing and smashing them will allow them to get crispier.
    I use smashed fresh garlic, mayo, ketchup,salt to taste, and a small amount of mustard mixed together to use as a dip.
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    This is how my Mom taught me years ago. Buen Provecho

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