Best Moist Banana Bread Recipe

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  1. frosteezee Says:

    what the is …
    what the is this id like my time back change the title

  2. beachdale Says:

    yes that’s a “rock …
    yes that’s a “rock bread” too hard for my child and grandmas teeth

  3. btr23 Says:

    I Like banana kek
    I Like banana kek

  4. locomu36 Says:

    Nice banana bread
    Nice banana bread

  5. ahlamstream Says:

    i love banana bread
    i love banana bread

  6. koon01us Says:

    is it banana cake? …
    is it banana cake??lol must have strong teeth ..

  7. Cutchswife Says:

    Lord Imma break my …
    Lord Imma break my teeth on this bread!

  8. rikudude95 Says:

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    please …

    really hot
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  9. Vpopov81 Says:

    this is not banana …
    this is not banana bread…..

  10. oogp Says:

    that made me laugh …
    that made me laugh lol

  11. grlysoccerstud Says:

    that bread looks …
    that bread looks like a rock 🙁

  12. nina4230 Says:

    I think the square …
    I think the square bananana bread is looking better.

  13. zulkifly36 Says:

    appetizing please …
    appetizing please increase to recipe the newest so that easy I try in weekend

  14. transphattyacid Says:

    I think it’s …
    I think it’s awesome that you can make such great looking bread, but you don’t provide much information in this video.

  15. danieltiger77rererer Says:

    good video.. …
    good video..hahhahhhahha

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