Rawdawg Rory’s Chocolate Banana Smoothie

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  1. ayladakora Says:

    Just made this and …
    Just made this and yummy! I had to use non-raw almond mild and carob powder. Sure it would be better with your ingredients, but it was still yummy

  2. WorkOnWellness Says:

    what an amazing …
    what an amazing transformation! Congratulations!

  3. xmantidx Says:

    Thanks Rubsypirit! …
    Thanks Rubsypirit! :0)

  4. xmantidx Says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much Nita!! It’s been a really fun trip to where I’m at now! :0D

  5. NitaBMe Says:

    Wow!! I just saw …
    Wow!! I just saw your sunflower parfait video on Bunny’s channel and this vid popped up: you’ve really transformed since this video, AWESOME Work, Rory 🙂

  6. rubyspirit2 Says:

    Nice combination .. …
    Nice combination … yum

  7. xmantidx Says:

    Hey Aipyor! Raw …
    Hey Aipyor! Raw nutmilk has to be either home-mode or can possibly be purchased from a raw-food cafe/or resteraunt. It’s super easy to make it yourself though I have an oooold video here on youtube covering the basics it’s the very first one on my list of videos. Hope it helps! Peace~ Rory :0)

  8. aipyor Says:

    is raw nut milk at …
    is raw nut milk at whole foods?

  9. xmantidx Says:

    Ha ha! Thanks so …
    Ha ha! Thanks so much Kevin!! Rock on man! :0D

  10. kevinxb5 Says:

    Oh my god dude, I …
    Oh my god dude, I swear I could drink this for 3 months straight. thank you, thank you. you rock!!!!!!

  11. xmantidx Says:

    Hey man! Thanks for …
    Hey man! Thanks for the props!! I hope you enjoy the foods! :0)

  12. xmantidx Says:

    Thanks Ihartpets! …
    Thanks Ihartpets! Awesome username! Sorry for the delayed response!*lol* I hope you’ve tried and enjoyed the smoothie! Peace~ Rory :0)

  13. xmantidx Says:

    Thanks Idah0!! :0)
    Thanks Idah0!! :0)

  14. Idah0 Says:

    yum yum!! :]
    yum yum!! :]

  15. trustbaby7 Says:

    Delicious. He’s …
    Delicious. He’s great.

  16. ihartpets Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! mmmmm! …
    OMG!!!!!!! mmmmm! Sounds tasty! lol! Ill look into making one of those!!!! =) keep the good work up! =)

  17. thrivesurvive Says:


  18. rbrine01 Says:

    Freakin’ awesome …
    Freakin’ awesome dude!!! Make some more recipe vidz…

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