How do you make a pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana smoothie?

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  1. rozyvd Says:

    just experiment! that’s the best way……i use orange juice as the liquid and add juice and ice until you get the consistency you like
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  2. Uncle Johnny Says:

    If you can chop the fruit into chunks and freeze them, you dont
    have to dilute it with ice. Throw it in the blender and add some
    orange juice to get the consistancy that you like. If you dont want
    to freeze the fruit – just add some ice cubes. Actually you might
    like it better this way, because with just frozen fruit, it comes out
    so cold that it hurts your jaw.
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  3. Lily Says:

    Just throw it all in together, add a handful of ice and go for it. You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit– it all tastes good.
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