Basic Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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  1. OV71toskala Says:

    actually what …
    actually what tastes really goos and what they use at resteraunts for a straw/ban juice is Apple juice, frozen straberries and 3/4 quarteers of a bannana and for a sweeter taste add straw sauce its soo good

  2. kay2be2 Says:

    the yogurt is what …
    the yogurt is what kills it for me.

  3. JokinJoe Says:

    My way:

    Frozen …
    My way:

    Frozen strawberries
    One whole banana (peeled of course)
    A little over a cup of milk
    Two scoops of low fat vanilla ice cream

    It serves two people, but I usually drink it all because it tastes sooo good…

  4. SarezyBreezy Says:

    Nvm i figured bout …
    Nvm i figured bout the yogurt,
    but do you have to put some?

  5. SarezyBreezy Says:

    do you have to put …
    do you have to put yougurt?
    and what kind is it?

  6. CharlesnDeweyPro Says:

    this is deeelish im …
    this is deeelish im drinkin it right now!!!

  7. SupaKawaiiii Says:

    LOVE SMOOTHIES!! I make em like 3 times a week, but not his…

  8. ladymjackson001 Says:

    why orange juice?

    why orange juice?
    i’ve always seen it with milk

  9. Pup24Hrt Says:

    I like them this …
    I like them this way:

    ~Some Strawberries
    ~A Bannana or Two
    ~Some Orange Juice
    And Wa La- Yummy Strawberry and Bannana Smoothie. The ones you buy in the store really Suck.

  10. Rachel7as Says:

    here’s my recipe. i …
    here’s my recipe. i just made it yesterday
    1 banana
    5 strawberries
    1/4 cup of sugar
    3cups of ice
    strawberry banana yogurt. (just one thing of it)

  11. NC093094 Says:


  12. trent7897 Says:

    lol lol lol …

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  13. fuchadancer94 Says:

    strawberry bananas …
    strawberry bananas are my favorite i love them

  14. Twinman2 Says:

    Woo! I’d drink this …
    Woo! I’d drink this guy any time… I mean this smoothie!

  15. YellowMellowJello Says:

    looks good XD
    looks good XD

  16. OneVoice8 Says:

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