QuickBites: Maple Bananas with Ice Cream

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  1. vikaleeanessa Says:

    wow it’s the first …
    wow it’s the first time i’ve really seen a recipe that you’ve been indulgent in dani! I will try it out one day hehe

  2. analoola Says:

    looks delicious.. …
    looks delicious.. thank you

  3. LuluisFubar Says:

    Hahah. 🙂
    Hahah. 🙂

  4. achalneupane Says:

    i really laughed at …
    i really laughed at your comment.

  5. rangvi Says:

    delicious, easy and …
    delicious, easy and quick ! thank you !

  6. dralezero Says:

    I like to take …
    I like to take vanilla ice cream, slice up a banana over it with a spoon, then pour syrup all over it. Mmmmmm.

  7. Ladies100 Says:

    I just saw hair In …
    I just saw hair In the food

  8. manystar Says:

    wow ur good, …
    wow ur good, amazing idea.I´ll try this

  9. tamousha Says:

    that choc icecream …
    that choc icecream looks delicious….what brand is it?

  10. CandyCrayon91 Says:

    Omg, I love …
    Omg, I love icecream. I’ll surely try this one out.

  11. wellwisher78 Says:


  12. LuluisFubar Says:

    i like your red …
    i like your red spatula.

  13. carepuppy Says:

    I tried the recipe …
    I tried the recipe just a few hours ago… me and my husband loved it!

  14. carepuppy Says:


  15. access81 Says:

    i die for desserts! …
    i die for desserts! yum

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