Banana Pudding recipe

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  1. leftyblack07 Says:

    wow.very similiar …
    wow.very similiar to mine..try using chessman cookies by pepperidge farms layered on the bottom.then pudding.then another layer of cookies on top..incredible!!!

  2. hairybizness Says:

    We are making this …
    We are making this tonight for Thanksgiving. I’m sure it will be a hit!

  3. myworldisfake Says:

    can I get a copy of …
    can I get a copy of that receipe??
    I’ve been wanting to make banana pudding, but not many of the recepies I’ve seen convince me.
    It looks really good!
    too bad i couldn’t taste it

  4. black7jesus Says:

    are you using 2 …
    are you using 2 different kinds of whip cream?

  5. black7jesus Says:

    how much milk do I …
    how much milk do I need to make the pudding? looks good.

  6. cynapple42 Says:

    also, i sprinkle …
    also, i sprinkle fresh lemon juice over my bananas to keep them from turning brown. You will NOT tasted the lemon, it will just enhance the flavors when they marry together.

  7. cynapple42 Says:

    Someone from SC …
    Someone from SC gave me this recipe some years ago and i received rave reviews, too. I then decided to add a little spin to it:

    I use one box french vanilla pudding and one box cheesecake flavored pudding. ALSO, at the end, after topping it with the cool whip, I crumble up some nilla wafers and put that over the whip.

    Divine and will win every time!!

  8. mcer111 Says:

    hi I want to ask …
    hi I want to ask you are they using banana pudding mix or something else, better yet the way you are talking about it what did you use? 🙂

  9. shaaronie Says:

    Oh my goodness! …
    Oh my goodness! This was wonderful. I got so many compliments and have made it several times. thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  10. shaaronie Says:

    I have been …
    I have been inspired. This is my second viewing. I went out and got all the ingredients and am watching it again right before I try it. Here goes nothing! Thanks!

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