Banana Ice Cream Recipe

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  1. 4watimin Says:

    some people does!
    some people does!

  2. Silenthawk98 Says:

    who puts flour in …
    who puts flour in ice cream?????

  3. 4watimin Says:

    this is the easiest …
    this is the easiest ice cream ever!!!!! No flour or nothing!!

  4. vikaleeanessa Says:

    pretty finish
    pretty finish

  5. sergiuhodis Says:

    is that a “big …
    is that a “big chill” with freezing compresor built-in?

  6. firechill Says:

    wow this is like a …
    wow this is like a movie except with ice cream.

  7. CheezyBoi536 Says:

    you didnt tell us …
    you didnt tell us what and how much ingridients we need, but it looked great anyway! 😀

  8. xranatiks Says:

    well done
    well done

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