Banana Pancakes

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  1. ChefTips Says:

    Yes. Thanks for …
    Yes. Thanks for commenting!

  2. ManoloPrimevera Says:

    Does it taste like …
    Does it taste like banama?

  3. ChefTips Says:

    You’re welcome! …
    You’re welcome! We’re here to help, so ask away!


  4. wwariahan Says:

    Thank you sorry for …
    Thank you sorry for asking so many questions.

  5. ChefTips Says:

    Yes! Or, you can …
    Yes! Or, you can also use 2 cups all purpose flour.

  6. wwariahan Says:

    and can i use 2 …
    and can i use 2 cups of whole wheat flour?

  7. ChefTips Says:

    No. You can just …
    No. You can just use cinnamon, or leave it out all together. Thanks! Jason

  8. wwariahan Says:

    do i really have to …
    do i really have to use pumpkin pie spice?

  9. wwariahan Says:

    Thank You Chef.
    Thank You Chef.

  10. ChefTips Says:


  11. ChefTips Says:

    You’re welcome. …
    You’re welcome. Hope you enjoyed the recipe!

  12. akaiceflowers Says:

    OMG , Im so hungry …
    OMG , Im so hungry now !

  13. wwariahan Says:

    can i use skim milk …
    can i use skim milk or 2% milk?

  14. CAAJDJ Says:

    OMG!!! So I am …
    OMG!!! So I am having a friends stay over at my house with 15 people and I was looking for options when I cook tomorrows breakfast thats creative and fun….Im totally gonna use this idea too!!!! THANKS I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!

  15. ChefTips Says:

    Hope you enjoyed …
    Hope you enjoyed the recipe MsJonaslol! 😉

  16. MsJonaslol Says:

    Whoa, new recipe I …
    Whoa, new recipe I wanna try out! YES! WHOO! Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow! lol 🙂

  17. ChefTips Says:

    Just keep it …
    Just keep it covered, and it should be fine.

  18. ChefTips Says:

    You are welcome! …
    You are welcome! Thanks for the comment. Hope you like it! Jason

  19. saipolkgui Says:

    i was wondering if …
    i was wondering if i made the batter the night before and put it in the fridge, will it taste funny?

  20. LazyFatDude Says:

    I’m hungry now…..
    I’m hungry now…..

  21. ChefTips Says:

    You’re welcome! …
    You’re welcome! Enjoy! Jason

  22. ChefTips Says:

    Thanks! Jason
    Thanks! Jason

  23. ChefTips Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the comment, and glad you enjoy them! Jason

  24. homefries3131 Says:

    These are excellent …
    These are excellent. I’ve made them with my daughter several times. We prefer to mash the bananas as it saves the chopping time.

  25. dhooperyo Says:

    i know what im …
    i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow morning:) thanks!

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