Vegan Banana Muffins

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  1. vikaleeanessa Says:

    Those look bloody …
    Those look bloody cute Mate

  2. JennyS1071 Says:

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know what type of blender hes using?? it looks like a great blender.

  3. manju12123 Says:

    u r so gud u …
    u r so gud u explain very well today only i saw ur recipes.why r u not posting more videos?plz do some more baking .almost all baking items contain eggs. i think u can tell all eggless vegan baking recipes.plz plz plz post more baking items videos thanx

  4. arcanum70 Says:

    I’m not a vegan and …
    I’m not a vegan and I don’t ever plan on becoming one. That being said this is a great recipe. I am wondering where you get those collapsible measuring cups from, those are great. Are they an Aussie product?

  5. JenzieHikari Says:

    CAN you pleaseeeee? …
    CAN you pleaseeeee? teach us how to make vegan brownies??? please????

  6. tinkerbell113031 Says:

    Please make a vegan …
    Please make a vegan brownie video!!! My husband loves brownies and I need to make better ones than my mother-in-law cuz she puts eggs in hers and I am trying to keep him away from that, lol.

  7. misterx568 Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the recipes..they are great..i cant wait for your next post!

  8. werghfa Says:

    Hi. What can i use …
    Hi. What can i use instead of canola oil – linseed, sunflower, olive? May be any seed oil will do?
    Thx for uploading vegan recipies!

  9. werghfa Says:

    Hi. What can i use …
    Hi. What can i use instead of canola oil – olive, linseed, sunflower? May be any seed oil will do?
    Thx for uploading vegan recipies!

  10. Joseypost1983 Says:

    Hi …any chance of …
    Hi …any chance of a steak or pork dish please ??? – keep up the good work !!

  11. TinyVeganKitchen Says:

    Absolutely, …
    Absolutely, especially if they’re small bananas. I find too many bananas makes the mixture more ‘cakey’, but you could get great results.

  12. wennjayz Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the reply. one more thing, can i add more bananas? 1 or 2 at least? hope u can post a brownie and ratatouille recipes here someday. thanks and keep makin great vids. all the best

  13. TinyVeganKitchen Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comment. Add a dash of soy milk to thin a mixture that is too thick. As bananas have different levels of moisture batch-to-batch, sometimes this really helps. Glad you enjoyed them!

  14. wennjayz Says:

    hi there. i made …
    hi there. i made this one and it turned out really good. but ive noticed that while im making the batter, its a bit thick that its kinda hard to stir it. what should i add to make it a bit thinner mixture like urs? but apart from that i was surprised coz it is really tasty and really good. make more videos and all the best. thanks

  15. TinaRose Says:

    and thank you for …
    and thank you for your speedy reply and recipes 🙂

  16. TinyVeganKitchen Says:

    It’s called …
    It’s called turbinado sugar. Most supermarkets carry their own version, but Sugar In The Raw is the brand name turbinado sugar, suitable for vegans, that we use in this recipe. Thanks for your comment!

  17. TinaRose Says:

    what kind of sugar …
    what kind of sugar is that?
    i heard him say the name but i cant spell it

    i have been wanting to stop using white sugar

  18. davdsony Says:

    nice video. …
    nice video. looking forward to more episodes.

  19. tinkerbell113031 Says:

    More videos please!
    More videos please!

  20. bezelthai Says:


  21. violetopia Says:

    Looks great. I …
    Looks great. I enjoy your videos and look forward to seeing more. 🙂

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