Burn the Fat Kitchen – Banana and Walnut Loaf

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  1. burndafat Says:

    thanks Showshona! 🙂
    thanks Showshona! 🙂

  2. Showshona Says:

    hi again dont think …
    hi again dont think my message went through. I love you videos keep cooking. I dont think I will be trying this one a dont like bannanas or walnuts and I cant bake well but keep up the good work

  3. burndafat Says:

    ooh yes videos!!! I …
    ooh yes videos!!! I can’t wait! thank you for the nice compliments, you rock Rebecca! Once you get your videos up then we can see your smiling face and that will be fabulous!
    We never had to learn the imperial system but most cook books over here have it written in both sso it’s good for me, because I can easily translate them! It’s funny though, that some products over there are sold in grams! take care my friend! 🙂

  4. burndafat Says:

    thanks! the pans …
    thanks! the pans are fabulous! no greasing which is perfect for thy figure! Yes you are so right it was Jamiroquai, they are such a groovy bunch of funky dudes, I love their music, I clean the house to it and shake my booty as I go, hey, more calorie burning! 🙂

  5. burndafat Says:

    Now mine is too, …
    Now mine is too, lol!!! 🙂

  6. ytrap2007 Says:

    I love how you …
    I love how you understand the metic system. I remeber in 2nd grade how we had to “learn” it, because my teacher said that out country was going full metric and we has to learn it. Ha Ha, as ya’ll know, THAT didn’t happen! But I do think one should be familiar with it. Anyway, love your videos and seeing your smiling face is always a nice treat. I wish I had your accent! 🙂
    check out my youtube page, still no videos yet but hey hopefully soon!!

  7. YvesMetamorphosis Says:

    Awesome! I can’t …
    Awesome! I can’t wait! My mouth is watering already. MMMMMMMM =)

  8. angie8088 Says:

    Banana nut bread is …
    Banana nut bread is my favorite!I’ve heard good things about those silicone pans. I should invest in one. Hey, I caught the Jamarequi (spelling?) good choice. :0)

  9. burndafat Says:

    I think mine cost …
    I think mine cost $11(US$7) but I think you can get them way cheaper over there, I got mine from Kmart which is the same as Walmart over there. They’re are great pans you don’t need to grease them,so less fat! I would love to buy the Jamie Oliver ones but I think they’re really expensive. I’m going to be making a Raspberry Loaf and Low Fat Fruit Crumble soon, plus some meat dishes. 🙂

  10. YvesMetamorphosis Says:

    That looks so yummy …
    That looks so yummy! I need to get that baking pan. Are they expensive?

  11. angienicholas Says:

    cool thank you. so …
    cool thank you. so much means a lot to me angie

  12. burndafat Says:

    Thank you!!! I will …
    Thank you!!! I will definitely keep cooking! it’s fun! 🙂

  13. burndafat Says:

    I wish I was a …
    I wish I was a picky eater!!! I can eat anything except liver, kidneys, tripe, sea urchin (kina) etc. Thank you for the compliment!!! 🙂

  14. burndafat Says:

    Yep you can add any …
    Yep you can add any recipes from here to your site if you like. I have been trawling around for some good recipes for you and I will send them when I can, I have to convert them because they are metric so it’ll take me a little while, not too long though! 🙂

  15. burndafat Says:

    me too, I love it …
    me too, I love it with tons of nuts!! and back in the BADDDDDDDDD old days I used to spread butter on my slice…naughty!!! LOL! 🙂

  16. burndafat Says:

    oh yeah I’m hearing …
    oh yeah I’m hearing ya, I am the same, I love love love fresh bread and with nuts, oh man hold me back! Luckily the kids were home and they demolished it, okay I had a couple of pieces too! LOL! 🙂

  17. burndafat Says:

    post it post it!!!! …
    post it post it!!!! the banana nut loaf community! LOL!!! there’s three of us that made it this week! 🙂

  18. figsandolives Says:

    That is so easy, …
    That is so easy, thank you! 🙂 It looks so Yummy, I would probably eat the whole loaf. I have a huge huge weakness for warm breads fresh from the oven.

  19. 3foldutopiandream Says:

    how weird! i made …
    how weird! i made banana nut bread for the first time ever on tuesday! and i did a video of it. i need to post it! yummy!!!

  20. InShapeFor08 Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE banana nut bread!! I can’t wait to get off this master cleanse so I can make that!! Thanks for the recipe !!

  21. angienicholas Says:

    hmmm banana bread …
    hmmm banana bread seems to be the theme this week I made a almost low fat banana breat at the biginning of the week and a girlfriend of mine made me a chocolate chip banana bread. If its OK I will add it to my site. give you full credit of coarse.

  22. littlesheree Says:

    I have never been a …
    I have never been a banana bread type person. This reminded me why I am glad I tend to be a picky eater. I can pass by so many things because I don’t like them. Banana bread is one of those things. This is a great how to video though! 🙂

  23. rainstar38 Says:

    MMmmm I love banana …
    MMmmm I love banana bread! I will definitely have to try this recipe. Your hair looks really cute like that! Take care, and keep cooking, I love these recipes :o)

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