Easy Banana Cake

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  1. poeavor Says:

    nice video, yea its …
    nice video, yea its pretty easy to make it thanks.

  2. honeygerce Says:

    hi.. i’ve watched …
    hi.. i’ve watched your video and i love watching your video on how to make banana cake…i also make one but i dont use the pan you used…instead i go with muffin pans..that’s why i called it banana cupcake..i also add cinnamon..but i wonder if im going to use 3 bananas can it be soft and firm as what you did?

  3. jackrawer Says:

    I’m going to try …
    I’m going to try this, It seems so easy, thanks. I’ll tell you how ny banana cake turn out by following this steps.
    once again thanks

  4. Ibestsong Says:

    A/P= all purpose …
    A/P= all purpose flower. Not AF.
    BP=baking powder. Not b.s.

  5. benay79 Says:

    I have used this …
    I have used this recipe 3 times now and about to use it again! its my favourite cake! its delicious! Thank you!

  6. ernelsone Says:

    tnx a lot shiva! …
    tnx a lot shiva! nice demo of making banana cake…very clear and simple!

  7. roxy81837 Says:

    thank you! sorry to …
    thank you! sorry to bother you! lol
    and i found out that:

    1 cup of S.F. = (1cup – 2tsp.) + 1/2tsp. b.s. + 1/2 salt A.F

    * SF – self rising flower
    b.s. – baking soda/baking powder
    AF – all purpose flower

    now i just have to do the math!

  8. fundufoodie Says:

    1 medium or big …
    1 medium or big banana
    1 tsp banana or vanilla essence

    Check out the recipe on my blog

  9. roxy81837 Says:

    ok, i’ll try! i’m …
    ok, i’ll try! i’m on my way to the kitchen..
    and i also didn’t understand, how many bananas did you put? and vanilla essence, i use 1 teaspoon? thank you!

  10. fundufoodie Says:

    I have never used a …
    I have never used a self rising flour, you can try and if it works out good, do let me know too 🙂

  11. roxy81837 Says:

    can i use self …
    can i use self rising flour? if yes, how much should i use? thank you!!!!

  12. fundufoodie Says:

    Yes. You can use …
    Yes. You can use all purpose flour.

  13. zwitlipz Says:

    can i use all …
    can i use all purpose flour?thanks..

  14. burikikay Says:

    im sorry but ive …
    im sorry but ive seen it already. thanks shiba

  15. burikikay Says:

    when did you put …
    when did you put the eggs?

  16. shanrajd Says:

    thank u for ur …
    thank u for ur reply.

  17. fundufoodie Says:

    Did you add the …
    Did you add the proper amount of sodium bicarbonate and eggs. Because these are the two things responsible for rising.

    Do sift the flour and the baking powder so that the baking powder is blended well.

    Hope this helps.

  18. shanrajd Says:

    hi thank u for …
    hi thank u for uploading the video. idid try it but for some reason it did not rise. What could be the reason?

  19. putie Says:

    my cake is done! …
    my cake is done! and it taste reaaaaaaalllly good!!!!! thank you for the recipe and video!!

    i used 2 bananas hohoh

  20. NONNILEE Says:

    great im goin to …
    great im goin to give it ago

  21. bukhoro5 Says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much Shiva, I baked this cake, it was great! I used 3 bananas. very easy, thank you again.

  22. kfaspa2005 Says:

    no mashed bananas …
    no mashed bananas added?

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