Homemade Banana Bread Recipe : Mix Sugar & Shortening for Banana Bread

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  1. RabidGrater Says:

    1.Put both of ur …
    1.Put both of ur hands on ur chest
    2.Think of someone that u like……
    3.Tommorrow that person will ask you out or say i love you.
    4.Heres the catch just send to 5 more vidoes

  2. LipRouge Says:

    She’s doing a great …
    She’s doing a great job. However, everybody knows that you turn the mixer on AFTER you’ve put it into the bowl and not before. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  3. LipRouge Says:


  4. Meadras Says:

    Great recipe, but …
    Great recipe, but Expert Village is still driving me crazy – I mean, I’m trying to follow the recipe, but I have no idea what order the videos go in!
    Either Make Longer Videos or at least Put Numbers In The Titles!

  5. ichbineintoober Says:

    Uhhh… “Jessica”.. …
    Uhhh… “Jessica”… do you have a… banana? Or did you used to have one?

  6. Fragtehweak Says:

    meh, i was told to …
    meh, i was told to use unsalted butter in the recipe my instructor told me but i should use this one if i ran out of butter…looks solid and its not too much shortening to kill the flavor

  7. XxInterScopexX Says:

    you have alot of …
    you have alot of vids

  8. umbreon579 Says:

    you’re pretty …
    you’re pretty freaking good at this… but what temperature do you put the oven to? 375 degrees Fahrenheit?

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