Homemade Banana Bread Recipe : Banana Bread Recipe Introduction

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  1. dilikestobake Says:

    check out my banana …
    check out my banana bread video

  2. avaya79 Says:

    American’s notion …
    American’s notion of healthy food is beyond me…

  3. mariana123 Says:

    Nice recipe!
    Nice recipe!

  4. mclifer Says:

    Her grand ma would …
    Her grand ma would not give up the recipe either.

  5. ymiamaster Says:

    You should call the …
    You should call the wanker police and tell them people are making sweets and you don’t like that.

  6. 9aspengold5 Says:

    You haven’t missed …
    You haven’t missed anything. Expert Village likes to put a single recipe in 3 to 5 seperate video’s. You have to jump around trying to find all the parts. Very unorganized. check out Chef Hill’s video’s instead i.e. ChefTips. He is pretty good

  7. opgal69 Says:

    i agree with m1at1 …
    i agree with m1at1 ,
    its full of butter and sugar! not very healthy at all!! maybe thats why america has a high rate of obesity

  8. nosmokeandmirrors Says:

    oic it’s on 17 …
    oic it’s on 17 different videos

  9. nosmokeandmirrors Says:

    i dont get it, …
    i dont get it, where’s the recipe?? is it just me or did i miss something???????

  10. m1at1 Says:

    how is this healthy …
    how is this healthy when its full of butter and sugar. Just because it has bananas doesnt automatically make it healthy!!!

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