Banana Bread Is there an alternative for walnuts?

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  1. Melissa H Says:

    Chocolate chips
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  2. Lynn Says:

    I made it once with chocolate chips & it was a big hit.
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  3. Bea Says:

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    Life and happiness.

  4. Bearcats18 Says:

    I would put chocolate chips that would be the best
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  5. Reservations for 300, IN HELL! Says:

    dried cranberries (Craisins brand by Ocean Spray). Chocolate chips would be awesome.
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  6. WineMan Says:

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  7. surlygurl Says:

    Maybe add in some shredded coconut along with the chocolate chips…
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  8. rosaespinoza Says:

    Chocolate chips sounds good!
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  9. rockyfella25 Says:

    chocolate chip would be good the cooking kind.butterscotch morsels..go to the cooking idle and it will give you some ideas.
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  10. April B Says:

    The best banana bread I ever made when I tried it with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips. Rave reviews.
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  11. jodman01us Says:

    Pecans work well too!! Make sure to chop them up first.
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  12. K M Says:

    You don't have to substitute anything but raisins or chocolate chips are good.
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  13. blueyes_3736 Says:

    chocolate AND peanut butter morsels!!! Yum
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  14. ptandps Says:

    Choco chips are good for one slice…tooo sweet with the banana. (I can't believe I said that, for I love chocolate) I like coconut and pineapple, well drained…tastes kinda like tropical drink. Pecans, macadamias, brazil nuts…
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  15. peach Says:

    Don't need the nuts, just don't put em in. Can add anything you like, coconut, butterscotch chips/choco chips, raisins,grated carrot,crushed gingerbread cookies, whatever. Use your imagination and go for it.
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  16. bobi Says:

    Peanut butter chips, peanuts, almonds, or dried banana chips.
    You can try subtracting 1/2C. flour, adding 1/2C. EACH rolled oats, pecans and blueberries, too. My family loves it.
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  17. tiny Valkyrie Says:

    I leave nuts out completely. I'll add raisins or chocolate chips if I want something additional.

    Or, I thin the batter with some sour cream, and make a cake out of it, then frost it with chocolate ganache.
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  18. Annelise C Says:

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  19. mason s Says:

    you dont have to have any thing but you can addpeanut buteer chips or whit or milk or dark chocolate
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  20. grumpy girl Says:

    try adding toffee bits and 1/4 cup of brandy. carrots, butterscotch, dried fruits, or berries would be good too.
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  21. Daisy M Says:

    Just leave the nasty little boogers out. If you want some crunch in how about Bits of Brickle or toffee bits.
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