Why does my banana plant collapse under the weight of the bunches?

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  1. erlish Says:

    Personal observation in the tropics.

    Clutches of bananas are cutoff for the market way before they ripen; these hard and green bananas are allowed to ripen naturally until they’re soft enough to consume.

    The relatively short roots of the plant, over-watering (loosened soil), weight of large bunches would be the likely cause.
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  2. Winnie Says:

    Because of the weight of the bunch is what makes the tree fall over, so if you get a wide plank of wood and put one end up against the trunk on an angle and the other end into the ground, it won’t fall over. Do this on the side the bunch is growing on and once you see one banana ripening its time to cut the bunch down as the others will ripen anyway. Cheers and good luck.
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