Packaging a banana plant for shipping.

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  1. ktnarnia Says:

    is this a joke? …
    is this a joke? that’s some terrible packing..

  2. prisha91755 Says:

    But where are you …
    But where are you shipping them from? I wish I could have a pet banana tree. I don’t think they would grow here though.

  3. redfootwalking Says:

    Oh that is so …
    Oh that is so awesome! wow!

  4. bestiaccia Says:

    Great job!
    Great job!

  5. NewYorkGardener Says:

    I’ll take a dozen …
    I’ll take a dozen corms! lol

    nice packaging job.

  6. BananasDotOrg Says:

    Shalom, thank you!
    Shalom, thank you!

  7. JOHNNYonTHExpot Says:

    that was quick!
    that was quick!

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