Is it true that mango trees in Malaysia taste like the banana tree?

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  1. peanutz Says:

    I do know that the tender stem of the banana tree is eaten in Thailand also, so it is true that the banana tree is edible.

    Back to your question, mango tree will never taste like banana tree.
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  2. hushpuppy Says:

    gindyyyyyy not the tree eh?? i know i used to eat alot of the errr… errr the "flower/buah/whatever" that hangs from the banana tree.

    and i agree it is yummie..
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  3. SpookyFox Says:

    This result of Alien experiment! I am still searching for that tree.
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  4. cincindiamon Says:

    the banana taste like mango la!
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  5. Effendi R Says:

    uh, I don't exactly see myself chewing on a mango tree… but yes we do eat banana "trees" (see below recipe) and some of the many banana varieties here in Sabah have a mango taste…

    Here is the traditional recipe for Jaruk Sagut, the Rungus name for a pickle (jaruk) of banana trunk (sagut) and shrimp, as prepared by the Rungus and Dusun of the north of Sabah:


    •2 sagut – banana trunks*, pith only
    •2 daun sebilikan (a sour tasting leaf found in forests – optional)
    •1 bowl of tipun – dried shrimp
    •6 to 8 limes
    •Salt, Chilli to taste


    1.Extract the pith of the banana trunks: use only the last two stems of the very core of the trunk, they are the whitest and juiciest
    2.Cut pith into 2-3 mm slices, thread and wash in water
    3.Wash shrimp in water and soak for a while
    4.Slice the daun sebilikan
    5.Mix all ingredients with the lime juice
    6.Add salt and chilli to taste

    *banana trunks: any banana tree that has not yet flowered will do, but I was confirmed that the pisang rimba was the best. It is also the commonest banana variety growing wild and abundantly in abandoned rice-filed clearings. Its small fruits are rarely eaten by people, but they are a favourite with the monkeys.
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  6. new_once Says:

    yes, banana tree trunk is eatable.

    Mango tree trunk???
    Mango…… yes but the tree trunk.

    DO you mind to try it & let me know the outcome.
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  7. Gabillionaire Says:

    wanna eat my banana hair?
    between my legs
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  8. flamingos~3008 Says:

    no la…

    i have a mango tree in my kebun..and the mangos are superb…

    dont taste like banana at all…
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