Can you plant a banana tree in any region..if so is it an outdoor plant?

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  1. j joy Says:

    Yes banana trees may be planted in an region of the country when all danger of frost is gone. now as to their returning next year that is another question. I live in hort zone 7a and mine die down with the first frost. I then cut them down and mulch well and they return in the late spring. They do require food. I use a 15-30-15 on mine (the blue stuff). I have never seen banana seed but I believe they are propagated through off shoots. They can be overwintered in a greenhouse or in a very sunny area in the house. You also might grow them in large tubs and let the first frost take the tops and move them to an area that doesn’t freeze. Hope this helps.
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  2. wheeza7geeza Says:

    Bananas are tropical plants. They need a hot,dry, position. No wind. They like to be watered from above on the plant foiliage. Only now and then.I didn’t think you could grow bananas from seed? They grow from suckers off main plant They need heaps of fertiliser. They fruit in 15-18 months.A banana bunch is ready for picking when fruits have lost their angular shape.Ripen by hanging the bunch up in a warm place.After fruit is plucked, cut down the old plant to encourage new suckers, as the old stem will not fruit again. Good Luck!
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