Which is the best fruit, nutrition wise? Which is you personal favourite?

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  1. Sharona Says:

    banana`s are best for you banana`s are great
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  2. Sake.simon Says:

    Banana´s, thats why a you see a lot of sporters eating banana´s. Also my favvourite
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  3. cowgirl Says:

    The blueberries have more antioxidant than any other fruit.
    Love them all, but have to have a banana/daily.
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  4. madrasta Says:

    I was thinking banana but then everyone else had the same answer!
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  5. antoy Says:

    banana, cause it has a lot of carbohydrates, and I like the shape, the color and the taste, goes well with Ice Cream, sandwich, milk shakes, pancakes, cakes and even sex, banana's great.
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  6. jink Says:

    Orange is the best fruit though there is a proverb

    an apple a day keeps the doctor away!.

    my fav is pomegrante
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  7. eeyore Says:

    well bananas are really good for you with the pottassium that is in them but i cant eat them coz im allergic to them so my favourite is peaches mmmmh yummy!!
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  8. marco_varian Says:

    if you are on diet, then now and then, when you can find then it is DURIAN. High in calories. Also avocado. Easy to find- Mango, Eastern Indian type.
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  9. mary_oconnor76 Says:

    Kiwi fruit, it has the equivalent vitamins of I think either 5 or 10 oranges
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