What one food gives us all the necessary nutrition we need?

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  1. is420legal Says:

    PIZZA and more PIZZA… it has all the food groups….
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  2. Jerwin Says:

    one apple a day keeps the doctor away.
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  3. GNR Sam Says:

    An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Unpeeled apples provide their most plentiful nutrients just under the skin. Apples are a good source of potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C.

    A medium apple, approximately 5 ounces, has only 81 calories and a whopping 3.7 grams of fiber from pectin, a soluble fiber. A medium apple supplies 159 mg of potassium, 3.9 mcg of folic acid, 7.9 mg of vitamin C, and 9.6 mg of calcium.

    Additionally, there are trace amounts of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and zinc
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  4. Nelson K Says:

    A carrot is up there to along with Avacados but they are expensive
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  5. tich1983 Says:

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  6. angelsmurfwings Says:

    THAT is not true, and the answer is ,there is not only one food that could give our bodies all that we need. We need many foods to keep us healthy.
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  7. jtgmontreal Says:

    A non-vegeterian Pizza…which will include:

    Bread, tomato sauce, cheese, peperoni, ground beef or cheicken, peppers and other veggies.

    Bananas are very high in pottassium and are very heavy on your stomach.
    What you need to keep on mind is that any type of extreme behaviour will most likely lead to a failure.

    If you eat bananas, only bananas,what will happen when you stop and return to normal food? You will most likely gain the weight back. 2nd, don't starve your self, aside from not being good for you, it will slow down your metabolisam and you will burn fat a lot slower.

    I am sure that you are aware of most consequences. Even if pizza is one of the most complete meals, there is not "one" food that will contain it all. You need to eat a variety in order for your body to have all the necessary nutrients.
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  8. jennrabbitt Says:

    i have to think that if you eat only one food for any longer than a couple weeks you would probably be malnourished! neither bananas or apples contain protein or fat! you need a balance of protein, carbs and fat to keep everything running. however, if you are trying to lose weight, 7 bananas or apples or slices of pizza or beers a day may work for you, but you probably wouldnt enjoy it for long!
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