Nutrition & Diets : About Bananas & Gout

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  1. ambidextrality Says:

    Lead poisoning can …
    Lead poisoning can cause gout. Too much protein and purines which are high in beans and nuts.

  2. ambidextrality Says:

    …gout can cause …
    …gout can cause calcium oxalate Or uric acid stones. The latter of which are rather soluble with bicarbonate or citrate, the latter of which is found in lemon juice. Bicarbonate is found in baking soda, but sodium is actually a risk factor for stones as sodium will excrete calcium. Look for potassium bicarbonate instead. It will treat gout too by increasing uric acid solubility. Citrate will also change the pH; 6-6.5, so lemon juice should dissolve gout too.

  3. ambidextrality Says:

    Excess Vitamin C, …
    Excess Vitamin C, such as from supplements, can allegedly convert to oxalate which is a risk factor for calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis, as is gout, via increased uric acid supersaturation of the urin which promotes kidney stone formation.

  4. slop101 Says:

    Aspirin can block …
    Aspirin can block the absorption of Uric acid and lead to a gout attack.

  5. RedJellyable Says:

    cherries and apple …
    cherries and apple cider vinegar the cherries bring down the uric acid levels and the cider vinegar breaks the crystals down.unless you want to take the drugs the doctor gives.but make sure you watch your diet as well.

  6. BubbFromGEI Says:

    Potassium is meant …
    Potassium is meant to liquify Uric acid crystal, but too many bananas may bring side effects

  7. ACEBAKER911 Says:

    check out the …
    check out the videos here by


  8. ACEBAKER911 Says:

    check out a Raw …
    check out a Raw Vegan guy on here named TIM VAN ORDEN

    he tells the Truth about diet

  9. ACEBAKER911 Says:

    Bananas are NOT a …
    Bananas are NOT a natural food the way they are grown today.

    truly Natural Bananas , like all Fruits grown properaly, have SEEDS. The Bananas we get in USA do not have seeds, due to massive hybridization in growing which causes minerals to go down and sugar goes way up.

    Any Fruit thats grown as a Hybrid that takes away its natural seeds, is NOT natural, such as Bananas, Pineapples and Kiwis.

    Obviously all seedless grapes and watermelons are Un natural also

  10. got2go2mayo Says:

    I can now say that …
    I can now say that I believe that I’ve had it in my foot/toe area for about a month straight. Sometimes flares up…..or just sits there….. anyway it goes… I still feel it. What is a true cure for this dreaded painful disease?
    Someone please reply!!!!!

  11. bagusakbar Says:

    My friend has a …
    My friend has a gout but surprisingly her doctor stops her from taking Vitamin C!

    Why is that so?

  12. GoutHurts Says:

    Go to your local …
    Go to your local herbalist//health store and ask them what they got for Gout. Several things helped me!

  13. GoutHurts Says:

    This is true, …
    This is true, however we all respond different. I eat 2-3 bananas a day, still get Gout 3 times a year. Bah!

  14. blackcladlizard Says:

    Im a vegetarian. …
    Im a vegetarian. What the do I have gout for?!

  15. BALANCE94015 Says:

    who can afford gout …
    who can afford gout exams and treatment? if your poor, no insurance, your out of luck?

  16. HP3700X61 Says:

    Thanks for this. …
    Thanks for this. I’m just starting to get over gout in my big toe which I have had for 10 days. Very painful, little sympathy from wife! It’s kind of comforting to know that I’m not the only one. Funny, I have had a craving for bananas since I got my gout and I have been eating two a day – coincidence?

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