Is it bad to eat really ripe fruit, like bananas?

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  1. Maddie D Says:

    no i dont think so as long as it doesnt have like any kind of mold on it.
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  2. Sugar PIe Says:

    Overripe is one thing, rotten is another. Just be sure to not cross the line!
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  3. mystic_eye_cda Says:

    Extremely ripe fruit sometimes contains a small amount of alcohol, but it isn't bad for you. Just the taste is different, some people like it, some people don't.

    BTW brown bananas are really the only kind to use for banana bread/muffins.
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  4. shortcake302 Says:

    only some times
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  5. alexincolorado Says:

    very ripe friut has a lower nutrient level than fresh fruit and may contain small amounts of alcohol and ethane gas.

    eating very ripe fruit and also make you gassy
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  6. caroline y Says:

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  7. thejanith Says:

    As long as it hasn't gone bad, no, there's no problem with it. Very ripe fruits and veggies are messier to eat and aren't very pretty. Those are the two main reasons they're avoided, I'd say — and the texture changes a little. That may do it for some folks. Anyway, they're not unhealthful. Grab an extra napkin, or a spoon, and don't look too closely at it. Then, enjoy!
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