Help I Am Allergic To Banana

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  1. mUsIcDrUg_28 Says:

    Should I eat a banana, because I am allergic?
    I fell down and then I was allergic to bananas. So, should I eat one?

  2. popstar1324 Says:

    If you're allergic then of course not! That's just common sense! if you have more questions, email me at
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  3. supermike0689 Says:

    No it could turn out for the worst if your allergic.
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  4. stienbabe Says:

    You should always avoid foods or other substances to which you are allergic because you can make yourself seriously ill or even die if you do not. Just because an allergic reaction has always been mild in the past is no guarantee that it will not be severe in the future.
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  5. the_only_solorose Says:

    allergy is not caused by "falling down", so your statement here isn't making a great deal of sense. If you are allergic to bananas, then you should not eat bananas, end of story.
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