Health Fruits Make For A Healthy Diet!

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  1. Ford C Says:

    Is it possible to have a healthy diet without eating vegetables and fruits?
    I hate vegetables and very rare do i eat fruits as well except for bananas, oranges and apples. I usually take brown bread, banana, chocolate drink in the morning…biscuits, bananas in the afternoon and oatmeal, fish, bananas in the evening. I want to lose weight without compromising my health. Am i eating the right food? Aside from doing the usual excercises like walking and jogging, are there any alternatives to lose weight and stay healthy without eating vegetables?

  2. alwaysupordown Says:

    Vegetables are essential when it comes to losing weight. They are the right kind of carbs that you need unlike most breads (wheat is the exception). Fruit is good for you but you don't need to eat a lot of it as it has natural sugars in it.

    There aren't any vegetables you like? There are millions of vegetables, i'm sure there are some you like. Try to get some recipes that incorporate veggies without you really noticing! 🙂
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  3. sha1gon Says:


    You can take a multivitamin.
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  4. HandyMan Says:

    I think vegetables are the most important food there is, by far.
    Fruit is healthy, but not necessarily good for losing weight as it contains quite a lot of sugar.
    The biscuits you should certainly drop out of your diet.
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