Eating banana skins?

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  1. Aki T Says:

    Maybe you can mix the banana peel in other vegetarian food. That might cancel out their flavor. I know–and I'm not meaning to bring up meat–that in that Moore beefstew stuff–the flavor of the broth cancels out the flavor of the potatoes and carrots. So maybe that might help?
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  2. Alex N Says:

    You can wash them and boil with sugar to make a banana skin jam ! Why not? People eat Watermelon skin preservatives (or jams). Good luck!
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  3. Daniel F Says:

    you have to watch alot of bannanas have chemicals on the skin to help in the ripping process
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  4. Dune Says:

    If you cut the top and tail bits, you might get some nutritional value out of the skin it you simmered it for awhile.
    It isn't something I have tried.
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  5. Aidan A Says:

    Here is a recipe that you can use them in.

    Banana Skin and Cow Pea

    * Peel off 3 or 4 bananas
    * Black eyed cow pea – 1/2 cup
    * Grated coconut – 2 tbsp
    * Oil-2 tsp
    * Mustard – 1/2 tsp

    Cook the cow pea till tender, chop the banana peel finely and boil in water with turmeric and salt till tender; drain off excess water and keep aside.

    Heat oil in frying pan, add mustard seeds and add the cooked peel and cow pea and mix well.
    Garnish with grated coconut and serve.
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  6. hollywood hottie Says:

    Hey first of all its GREAT that you eat bananas a lot, they contain
    POTASSIUM- good for the heart
    VITAMIN B6- boosts your mood
    FIBER- relieves constipation
    VITAMIN C- good for immunity & skin
    TRYPTOPHAN- may relieve depression

    The skin contains fiber. Maybe you could pop it in a smoothie maker or blender :0)
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  7. Love of Truth Says:

    If you intend to go that route I highly suggest buying organic. The skins of most fruits are the most toxic part of non organic produce.
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  8. abbyroad Says:

    ive wondered that, just make sure its organic. you dont know whats on the outside of fruit.
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  9. candy Says:

    make banana bread
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  10. Greed was the death of democracy Says:

    I would recommend that you compost them and keep them out of your digestive system.

    Even if they are organic bananas, there is no knowing what substances reside on their exteriors. Producers rely on their thick skin to keep the insides edible and even organic growers can be heavy on alternative biocides.
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  11. carblue Says:

    your question got me to doing a lot of research on the web about eating the peel, from what I have gathered, yes you can cook them down, maybe like the recipe with the cow peas, but what almost everyone is saying about the toxins is correct. Because bananas are so protected by a thick almost impenetrable skin they are covered in toxins (something to think of the next time my kiddos are playing around with their foods). So really you're doing the best thing you can for your body by eating bananas every day…so kudos for you!
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  12. Juno Says:

    you could probably bake them into some kind of dish or find a good smoothie recipie…

    be warned! like our skin, banana skins can absorb toxins and bacteria, so make sure you wash/cook them very well before you eat!!
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