Eating apples n bananas late night doesn’t provide proper nutrition?? What time is the best?

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  1. Shae Says:

    don't eat after 8
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  2. Shone M Says:

    well its better than eating a whole bowl of cereal. Bannana and aplle can digest faster and don't have fat in them. Also they can help u poop betterr in the moroning 🙂
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  3. Chic Says:

    mornings, afternoons and evenings before 8PM
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  4. Rahul H Says:

    at nite
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  5. noneofyourbizwax Says:

    mid day
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  6. citizen high Says:

    4 hours before sleeping .
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  7. Trish Says:

    Experts say dont eat after 8 but if you absolutely must , these are fine choices…and they are also good sources of nutrition so I wouldnt worry about it..
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  8. efel Says:

    I never heard of this before, are you sure?

    You can just eat them anytime you want, what time gotta do with fruit, dah?!
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  9. star Says:

    eatting those fruits any time is great nutrition.I have a banana as a snack at nite. ITS grease, some fats,salts,that are not good any time.
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  10. LenaRose Says:

    Apples and bananas are good for you no matter what time you eat them because they provide vitamins and nutrituion. However, they do have natural sugars that can be processed causing weight gain. I would aviod eating late but as a snack you couldn't pick better for you. I would suggest staying away from high carb and high fat foods. Eat fruits and veggies because they are very good for you. Also exercise everyday and then you can enjoy your fruits and veggies anytime you please!
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  11. unan1m0us Says:

    Personally I dont eat after 9. I heard that it takes 3 hours for the food to properly digest. So don't eat past 3 hours before you go to bed (If that makes sense).

    Also this is another fact i heard: Carbs before 3pm is ok because your body turns them to energy. Carbs after 3pm turns to fat because your body doesn't try to burn them as much after
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  12. nuovoterra Says:

    This answer is broken down into two segments:

    1) First it addresses the "dieting" information you have been given by other respondents;

    2) A list of web links that talk about nutrients and their absorption rates into the body (which more directly answers your question)


    Eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

    All these diet tips are nonsense.

    Every body is different and the way it processes food – specifically how fast it burns fat and calories, is dependent on YOUR lifestyle.

    When I was a swimmer, swimming 7 HOURS A DAY (in college), I would eat dinner for breakfast (after my 2 hour morning practice) because it was the only meal that gave me enough carbs and energy and time to digest during the long stretch between morning practice and afternoon practice… but I would again eat dinner after practice, at night. I did not gain weight – obviously I was burning all the fat and carbs.

    Later in life, to compensate for my slow metabolism after years of excessive excersize through my scholastic years, I had to re-adjust my eating habits because a 40-hour a week job does not allow 7-hours of excersize a day – when you have to factor time in to be able to do laundry and pay bills! So, I now eat protein and some carbs in the morning, my "dinner" at lunch or early afternoon and fruit about 8 or 9 p.m…. and I do aerobic exercise (or brisk walking 3x's a week). This has helped me loose the initial weight gain and maintain my weight today.

    So, I experimented with different eating schedules and foods and used common sense to monitor my results and physical "feelings" – by feelings, I mean, do certain foods make me feel more tired? Do other foods cause me to have trouble having bowel movements?

    I think this is easy to monitor because I do not eat a lot of processed foods – I personally make most of my food – so I tend to get a better reading of how my body likes or dislikes certain foods.

    You live in your body. Pay attention to it. Do what is right for you. You know best! AND, most importantly, do not stereotype yourself to fall into some pre-determined idea of what you think you should look like. You want to look the best you can for YOUR body! We are all unique and have different shapes and sizes – embrace that and love it!

    Link specifically about digesting and absorbing fruit nutrients:

    Link about trying to get the best out of your food:

    Link about how fat consumption is needed to digest and absorb the nutrients found in foods:
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  13. nisha_again Says:

    in the morning with your breakfast.
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  14. paolouccio Says:

    Got news for you: it doesn't matter what you eat, if it isn't ripened on the vine, you are not getting full nutrition. Big business grows our food and puts it to market. What that means is: picking tomatoes when they are still green, picking banannas when they are still green, rushing peppers to grow…etc. Let alone, they put chemicals on everything and if it isn't specified as organic, it is sprayed with chemicals which most likely seep into the food. However, organic or not, they do not ripen food on the vine. It is missing nutrients it should have!

    On top of that, vitamins and minerals compete for space on the bowel wall. That means, you can be eating right and missing nutrients. It's another reason why eating one meal a day, isn't a good idea. The body has an approximate two hour window in which to gather nutrition. That is why liquid supplements are superiour to pills, etc. It is already in solution, saving the body time in it's race to get the right nutrients into the system.

    On top of that, we are all battling pollution in the air, water and all the junk they put into prepared foods, let alone all the cellular waves and other radiation we face in our daily lives.

    I suggest supplementing with a liquid, wholefood vitamin. Perhaps these two…they taste fun, so kids love it.
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