Do fruits lose their nutrition when made into juice?

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  1. dablack75 Says:

    no, they’ll still have the same concentration amount.
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  2. sarah d Says:

    Well, it depends on the quality of the juicer you’re using. Some juicers leave bone-dry pulp and others leave whole chunks. The one you’d want is the juicer that leaves the least amount of pulp so that not too much of the nutrition value of the fruit goes away. The juice won’t have 100% of the nutrition value if you were to eat it, but it’s still up there. Juicing is the way to go! It’s a lot easier than eating whole fruits and veggies and I heard a lot more people are more active when they juice. Have fun!
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    Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Infomercial haha..

  3. bigredbonbon Says:

    no they are good to eat that way
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  4. Free S Says:

    i do not think that they will be losing all their nutrition because its just reduced into juice. yah, it also depends on the juicers which do not reduce the pulps and most of the nutriton are gone.

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  5. big al Says:

    You’ll gain more nutrition in the long run by doing this. It will even give you the nutrients out of the seeds in these fruits. I’ve been juicing for awhile and its great, easy to do and such a wide variety of juices to make. Don’t forget to throw in a few vegetables in with them for flavor.
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  6. Cutesy Cindy Says:

    no not unless additives are added
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  7. buttons Says:

    some juicers have very high rpms and cause the juice to heat up when it goes over the blade – this can kill the enzymes and good things in the juice….if you want to preserve all the goodness of the juice you should use a coldpress juicer as the rpms are lower so there is very little friction heat.

    Coldpress juicers are bloody expensive though.
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