Diet & Nutrition : About Depression, Whey Protein & Bananas

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  1. flippedone Says:

    I agree. I found …
    I agree. I found this out by accident when I was going through a very difficult time. Had me back on track, a little lighter and healthier. Now I know there was actually science behind it.

  2. buopesado Says:

    this woman will …
    this woman will beat the out of you in a bar.

  3. LiverbirdLFC92 Says:

    suffering with …
    suffering with depression? have a wank.

  4. Ivantree Says:

    This woman is wrong …
    This woman is wrong. Tryptophan consumed from any food isn’t able to cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore there is no reason to believe that bananas have any anti-depressant effect other than raising your bloodsugar. If tryptophan is to have a serotonin increasing effect you need to take tryptophan as a supplementary meal where you don’t eat anything else containing other amino acids as that will prohibit the tryptophan from being extracted by the brain.

  5. PogoFogo Says:

    Even better Whey …
    Even better Whey protein bananas
    and a Laurel and Hardy movie

  6. Marine475 Says:

    Good point, if you …
    Good point, if you have depresion stuffing your mounth with whey and bananas probably want get you out of it but might help you not get there in the first place.

  7. barixkhan Says:

    this is funny, i …
    this is funny, i mix my post workout protein: 24g protein ON choc mint, 1x banana, 1x tsp honey = doesnt taste as nice as vanilla protein, but does the job!

  8. CainMartyr Says:

    Good info on …
    Good info on bannannas. God designed the human body to live off of a natural diet(bannanas,fish,berries,spinach etc.). I just ate 3 bannanas and i feel “supa strait”.

  9. ellipsoidalism Says:

    Note to all people …
    Note to all people suffering from depression: Eat bananas and drink whey protein. I do like this video. I didn’t know Whey protein would help with mood-boosting. Thanks. 🙂

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