Calories/Fat/nutrition in Starbucks Banana Nut Loaf?

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  1. Sophia Says:

    It's hard for them to post it online because of the variations of sizes and exact ingredient amounts from location to location, but an estimation from a fab cook =) :

    Per serving, 250 – 300 calories, 8 – 14 grams fat, almost 0% for any nutrition
    References :

  2. KP Says:

    All of the food items are delivered to Starbucks in their original packaging, they are then taken out and arranged in the food case. If an employee doesn't have the box anymore to show you, they should have a binder behind the counter with the nutritional facts. The 'nutritional binder' is a store policy and all employees should be able to show it to you. Also, the food nutrition facts are not posted online because the items vary by region.
    References :
    Worked for the company in college.

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