What are some negative facts about bananas?

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  1. Carlos Says:

    they look like penises
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  2. Aleks Says:

    They make your teeth go yellow
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  3. Almond Says:

    banana related incidents??? i hope it was from eatign them >>
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  4. emucompboy Says:

    We share plenty of genes with bananas, so we have a common ancestor with them. Do you really want to peel and eat your distant cousin? Ewwww!

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  5. Stupid Question Terminator Says:

    they are not the best fruit for fun play in bed
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  6. mia0810 Says:

    Well, this one time my brother ate 4 at once and he barfed.
    Just don’t eat too many, and especially in the evening.
    The calories will always add up. 😉

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  7. babbles Says:

    How about…they’re loaded with sugar.

    As for related incidents…
    people with sugar diabetes learn they shouldn’t eat them too often.
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