Shouldn’t the FACT that the universe came from a Perfectly Designed Banana be taught in schools?

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  1. Peter Pan Says:

    NO, because the PINK UNICORN did.
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  2. Scavenger Says:

    Heretic, the children need to be taught the way of the flying spaghetti monster and how he created the universe!
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  3. Kina K Says:

    What ever floats your banana boat. 🙂 I don't care what's taught in school, as long as they get a proper education.
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  4. Jeliza-Rose Says:

    Silly, Monki! We can’t confuse our children by teaching them facts!

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  5. today is a new a beginning Says:

    no, it did not come from a banana, silly, it came from a grape, a VERY well designed grape DUHH!!
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  6. Lee Says:

    now that's just ridiculous….unlike real religion…;)
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  7. USA Is An Atheist Nation Says:

    And the lesser primates, too. All we hear are from creationist howler monkeys.
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  8. fray Says:

    sorry, but bananas aren’t perfectly designed, they bruise far to easily and go all gooey and smelly. mandarines are much closer to perfect, the nice little sweet ones… and god disappears in a puff of logic
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  9. Nerdlinger Says:

    Why are you persecuting me by forcing the Banana Theory on our schools? You can’t infringe on my right to force other people’s kids to learn about the Asparagus Theory (the only true way to salvation).
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  10. rexcaliburn Says:

    YES!!! it is great to see another who knows the truth of the everlasting banana as for when it was peeled by the golden chimp Bo-bo all of the universe came to be. and the great simian saw it was good and there was much defecation. may the blessings of the furry one be upon you all!!! expect the x-tians you guys just suck.
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