McDonalds vs Apple, Fast Food vs Fruit, Fun Nutrition Facts, Banana

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  1. beayn Says:

    She just said a …
    She just said a soft drink is 210 to 240 calories but I’m staring at my Pepsi right here and it says 150 calories right on it. That’s less than a banana! omg Pepsi is healthier!

  2. 5ukm3kak Says:

    just ruined orange …
    just ruined orange juice for me, thought it was safe

  3. MaineMVP Says:

    Great video, Thanks …
    Great video, Thanks for posting

  4. darphinparis Says:

    fuck the fat people …
    the fat people in america, i work out eat fast food and still cant gain weight, always get a banana a day though

  5. Kimmathykay Says:

    That is for her …
    That is for her thumbnail pic!

  6. Linkboy1231 Says:

    3:03 – 3:05 opps
    3:03 – 3:05 opps

  7. Linkboy1231 Says:

    3:05 =)
    You should …

    3:05 =)
    You should fix that

  8. XxLuciferousxX Says:

    my soda pop is 0% …
    my soda pop is 0% calories and sugar, also caffein free. I just need something fake to drink instead of water, and thats once a week.

  9. SpaceWars2025 Says:

    she likes bananas
    she likes bananas

  10. JaBunGa23 Says:

    u cant supersize …
    u cant supersize why would she mention that

  11. LEDphase3 Says:

    Id take the 1.7 …
    Id take the 1.7 gallons of gatorade any day GO GATORADE! then i would eat the bananna

  12. PavelRicardo Says:

    Yes, that’s …
    Yes, that’s wonderful, but I’m going to be cycling 150 miles a day, and I don’t want to eat 85 apples a day!

  13. samb59 Says:

    yeah shes hot. I’ll …
    yeah shes hot. I’ll give her a banana

  14. thegr8tbigmouth Says:

    I am in love with …
    I am in love with this woman

  15. Sandman1278 Says:

    you need a higher …
    you need a higher quality camera so you can get a cleaner green screen chroma key effect.

  16. Froastwolf Says:

    another great video …
    another great video by Natalie

  17. 7842626 Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the useful info 🙂


    megget68 your fat …
    megget68 your fat because u like mcyds and cupcakekiller1995 your gay because only cupcakes and gay people are soft!!!!

  19. xbillydakiddx Says:

    im glad natalie is …
    im glad natalie is so helpful on health i have just about all of her videos on my ipod

  20. ceely9849 Says:

    hay i love body …
    hay i love body building but i like you whats your number you wont be disapointed

  21. vietguy808 Says:


  22. Amyrox990 Says:

    nope hes no were …
    nope hes no were ner fat ACHEWALEY cup cake killer >:P

  23. grapple69 Says:

    ooooooooooh very …
    ooooooooooh very interesting. THX!

  24. Metaphysicalman3 Says:

    Will you eat MY …
    Will you eat MY banana?? 🙂

  25. CupCakeKiller1995 Says:

    im suposing ur fat …
    im suposing ur fat ha megget68?

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