Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle With More Fruits and Vegetables

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  1. Inquisitive Says:

    how can make my lifestyle more interesting?
    I am 55 years old, married with one son, aged 25, employed and living separately.

    I wake up at 6 in the morning. At 6:30, I am out with my bicycle for a 45 minutes vigorous ride to the beach and back home. I cover 15 kilometers or 9.30 miles

    At 8, I have the second cup of tea of the day and go through two newspapers.

    I have my shower at 8:45 and breakfast at 9:00.

    I work from home, and I am at my desk at 9:15

    At 1:00 I have my lunch and lie down for 30 minutes reading news paper. A short while later, I doze off.

    After a half hour siesta, I have my tea and am back at my desk at 3:00 PM.

    I work until 6:00 and then I go to a near by swimming pool for an hour of vigorous swim (40 numbers 25 metre laps.)

    At 7:30 in the evening, I begin to have my whisky on my bedroom balcony. My wife and I talk about the day’s days events during that time. I also make a few phone calls to my friends.

    By 10:00, I have had 240 ml of whisky (0.89 UK Pint, 0.5 US Pint, or a little over 8 fluix ounces) , I am reasonably tipsy and have my dinner. At 10.30, I am off to sleep. Thanks to the whisky, the moment I put my head on the pillow, I go off to sleep.

    (For those of you who may think my alcohol consumption is excessive, I have my LFT – liver function test – done every six months and my liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT, GGT, etc;) are within normal range. I am not diabetic, my BP is normal, I am not overweight and I am in great physical shape. I eat a very healthy diet consisting of a variety of vegetable and fruits, fish and moderate amount of carbohydrate. I avoid red meat, eat very little chicken and our consumption of cooking oil (fat) is minimal. Alcohol is my only vice, but it makes me happy, relieves my stress and gives me a general feeling of well being. I don’t smoke)

    I seldom watch TV.

    On Wednesdays, I go to my Rotary Club meeting. After the meeting, I drink with my fellow Rotarians and discuss current evens.

    Once a week, I meet my friends – one is a doctor and other is a professor – over drinks again, and come back home in time to go to sleep.

    I used to go to my club twice a week, but now I don’t go much because I do not find the conversation there interesting. I find being with my wife more enjoyable.

    I do not like travelling.

    I have a beautiful home and lovely garden, and gardening is my hobby. It gives me great happiness.

    I enjoy good health.

    Now, how can make my lifestyle more interesting?

    Thank you for taking the time off to read this long post.

  2. practical guy Says:

    maybe you should through the clock away and ask your son if he can take you to the sex shop and show you all the cool stuff that he and his girlfriend use, then you can use them on your wife.
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  3. lucy02 Says:

    It sounds like your life is pretty full and you seem happy. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Maybe you could take a class at night if there is something that's always interested you.
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  4. Seikilos Says:

    A bit of time set aside in helping others, by, perhaps, volunteering for, say, a big brother program, or visiting seniors at a rest home, or some such thing, is most beneficial and fulfilling.
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  5. sereneicequeen Says:

    Maybe by not thinking about it so much. It sounds so ordered, you should mix everything up a bit, not be so rigid, be implulsive, do something new every day or in a new place, try different foods, do something you've never done before, read a new book, You don't have to travel in body to travel in mind. Try having a holiday from your life at home. Drink coffee instead of alcohol one night and you might be a awake to witness a different hour you usually sleep through. Have breakfast for tea….
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  6. candy Says:

    wow men thats like weared or boring
    but u seem to be a man who has everything figured out
    Anyway try take some time off every year and go on a safari to maybe southafrica, Kenya or any other country
    u could even go to paris or hawaai

    Ive read ur previous Q&As WHATS WRONG WITH U
    U r too damn serious about life – loosen up
    u ask about israel, synonyms(whatever) n basically just serious stuff
    meeen, thats too much seriousness
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