Banana Facts!

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  1. Rhia Says:

    Banana calories depend on the size of the fruit, whether it is raw or cooked, and what type of banana it is. Your typical, average banana, small, is around 80 calories. A medium banana can have about 110, while a large can be about 160. This may seem high for fruit, but bananas are incredibly easy for us to digest and have lots of potassium.

    Calories will vary between the types, as well. There are pepper bananas, sugar bananas, dessert bananas (these are the common store ones), and plaintain bananas (these cannot be eaten raw), and many more.

    Chiquita brand bananas are some of the best, along with Dole and Del Monte.

    The difference between bananas in the U.S. and the Caribbean would simply be freshness, and possibly pesticides or fertilizers used to grow them. Companies that ship thousands of banana bunches daily need large plantations and fast growing, without the risk of infestation, and therefore pesticides and fertilizers will be used quite a bit. Thankfully for us, bananas come with thick skin and so pesticide ingestion isn't much of a problem.

    Hope this helps.
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