Amazing Fruit Facts – Including Banana

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  1. lamaa95 Says:

    Eat the pinecone! …
    Eat the pinecone! lol

  2. kidspranqe Says:

    ur cat looks …
    ur cat looks exactly like mine! just not as fat,,,

  3. dragoncrazed12 Says:

    great vid! love the …
    great vid! love the kitty!

  4. runime477 Says:

    in my opinion, on …
    in my opinion, on the satan-ish facts, u should have worn a dark cloak and put a green screen behind u showing a pentagram. MY opinion, just saying.

  5. timeforce80 Says:

    this video kinda …
    this video kinda makes me want to eat some fruit.

  6. benthekahn Says:

    They contain a …
    They contain a small amount of cyanide, but it is not a large enough amount to harm humans.

  7. Bloodrain696 Says:

    yes very nice i …
    yes very nice i love that part also

  8. MicrosoftPaint123456 Says:

    wont load 4 me
    wont load 4 me

  9. JMoMo17101 Says:

    haha otto and his …
    haha otto and his pine cones

  10. supermeneer Says:

    i agree and support …
    i agree and support this comment

  11. ritzbitzfitzvitz Says:

    Otto chews on …
    Otto chews on pineapple.. EPIC!

  12. shaddupwhore Says:

    i didn’t know that …
    i didn’t know that banana peels can be shoeshiners… =O

  13. insaneangelstudio Says:

    cat you bite the …
    cat you bite the pineapple

  14. talatsmum Says:

    catfood is secretly …
    catfood is secretly made from pinapple.

  15. tubervan Says:

    i heard apple seeds …
    i heard apple seeds are poisinous :O

  16. 5591881 Says:

    原来橘子的原产地是中国啊,呵呵, …

  17. PeaceLoveAndMax Says:

    Tomatoes in grocery …
    Tomatoes in grocery stores aren’t actually ripe, a reddening agent is used to make them look ripe. The reason for this is because if tomatoes were picked when they were ripe, they would rot by the time they get to the store.

  18. ShastyMcNastey Says:

    waste* Yes. there …
    waste* Yes. there are such things as typos, grow up.

  19. ShastyMcNastey Says:

    What the are …
    What the are you talking about?! You don’t have to be such a ing hole, even though you like ing holes. If you was your time going around on youtube sending such messages, go get in a car accident.

  20. badlores Says:

    it’s “read” learn …
    it’s “read” learn to ing spell

  21. shootingstar1029 Says:

    i love da cat
    i love da cat

  22. boosuff Says:

    I didn’t know you …
    I didn’t know you can use a banana peel to shine your shoes…gonna try that.Thanks

  23. ukraineintherain Says:

    your garage must be …
    your garage must be messy as

  24. thehellsyeah123 Says:

    really wow thats …
    really wow thats interesting

  25. fredeany666 Says:

    this is a borin …
    this is a borin comment.. if u rub the inside of banana skin on a wart everyday it will eventually go away 😀

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