What is the banana diet going on in Japan and how does it work.?

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  1. Sohail Z Says:

    lol try two glass of luke water and two tablespoon of honey in the morning it helps.best of luck you can also have a piece of tomato.
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  2. Sarah Says:

    im pretty sure that if u eat like a banana or two than it has something in it that prevents ur intestines from absorbing certain substances that cause u to gain weight. (i wanna say starch but im not sure…) Also bananas are healthy, low in calories, yet filling. Try googling it for more info.
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  3. saphira Says:

    i just heard about this today too. it is like you have a banana or 2 with room temp water for breakfAST, EAT WHAT you want for lunch and dinner till ur full but, not stuffed

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