What is Morning Banana Diet Procedure – is banana reduce weight?

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  1. Ashley K Says:

    bananas don’t cause weight loss or gain anymore then any other fruit. There are about 100 calories per banana, that’s all that matters.
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  2. Guitar_chick Says:

    what i heard about that diet is that if you eat 2 bananas and a full glass of water in the morning, you can eat whatever you want all day and still lose weight.

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  3. determined2succeed Says:

    everything you eat has calories therefore anything you eat will lead to somewhat a gain of weight. you can reduce the weight you gain by reducing all that unecessary calories you put on with all those junk food you eat. but the only real way to lose weight is to do cardiovascular exercises like jogging and running. if you want to lose weight go out and jog and run, you wont last long munching on some bananas, although they are a good addition to a lean diet.
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  4. Russell Clair Says:

    I am not sure that banana increase or reduce weight. But banana is most helpful for health. It uses for many health tips. It is better ti take banana as your daily diet. Banana is very helpful for human health. If you are trying to weight loss,you have to take orange juice at daily morning. It stops the fat which is coming into our body. You have run more for weight loss at morning.
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  5. VINU Says:

    Well, Banana is the good choice of body builder as a pre work out glucose supplying agent. However, if you are not doing the work out and still consuming banana will definitely increase your weight.

    Yes, white gourd is beneficial for weight loss.

    To reduce the weight the correct method is burn more calories. For that the only way out is work out!!
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  6. Fater45 Says:

    The morning Banana Diet is one by which you have any amount of bananas you want with warm water in the morning. It dictates that you do not eat anything before lunch, have anything you want for lunch, may have sweet snack mid afternoon, and have anything you want for dinner; just do not eat after 8:00pm.

    With the exception of the sweet snack in the mid afternoon, this sounds like a diet I had while living on a small banana farm – and I got fat. Banana should be eaten balanced with other fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. White guard is also a good fruit/vegetable to include in your diet, but not to be used as a principal cure for obesity. All natural fresh foods work together to keep us healthy and to regulate our fat storage if eaten in correct proportions.

    The best way to keep weight off is to ensure that you reduce to a minimum, or eliminate entirely, empty calories (junk food, processed foods) from your diet. These include pastries, pastas, and sweets. Also keep away from highly fatty meals.

    It is not necessary to count calories as long as you’re eating a very wide variety of fresh raw fruits and fresh raw vegetables. Also vary your diet. That is not eating the same thing repeatedly several times for the day or every day for that matter- there are lots of natural foods that are beneficial to your health that you can take advantage of. Have one meal each day that consists entirely of vegetables and fruits. While you are required to eat all vegetables and fruits available to you, use more low calorie vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, green beans, kale, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach, and turnips. Eat more of the low calorie, low-carbohydrate fruits including, apples, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, and watermelon.

    Substitute simple/empty carbohydrates with complex carbohydrate (natural foods). Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water each day and exercise. Exercise can take the form of brisk walking. Try to maintain a balance of 60% fresh vegetables of which 50% is eaten raw, 20% fresh fruits, 10% complex carbohydrate and 10% protein which would include fats.

    Example of a day’s meal

    Breakfast:- porridge or a complex carbohydrate (yam, green banana, potato, etc.); steamed green leafy vegetable; egg, meat or fresh; fruits, mixed with nuts, and seeds.

    Mid Afternoon meal:- of meat or fish, 1 or 2 complex carbohydrate (eg. yam, potatoes, pumpkin etc), a mixture of raw vegetables, (eg. lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, yellow or red sweet pepper, shredded carrots), varied mixture of steam vegetables (eg a leafy vegetable and/or string beans, or a vegetable salad)

    If you’d like to add drink – preferably home made fruit or vegetable juice.

    Evening Meal:- A mixture of different fruits with nuts and seeds. Or a mixture of different raw vegetables with nuts, seeds, and cheese.

    The above examples are just guidelines that you may follow. You should vary your meals.

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  7. rajendra s Says:

    Banana fruit has many qualities, those who are overweight, it reduces the weight if taken at night with elaychi immediately after dinner and those who are underweight it increase the weight if taken with milk after morning walk, similarly those who are constipated, if taken raw at night before bed, the person will easily pass stool in morning, similarly those who suffer from doria if taken with curd it would cure from it.
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  8. BALU Says:

    reduce the weight

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  9. amulu Says:

    banana has many calories……………it increses weight..

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  10. yaamenu Says:

    Here is what i heard from very relieable source…..

    Eat an APPLE in the morning..

    Eat the BANAANA in the noon time with empty stomach…

    Eat the PAAPAYA in the evening….

    Good Luck…
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  11. sexy Says:

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  12. panther.dangerous Says:

    banana is actually a fat food, it is the good diet for those who do exercise because banana contain
    4.easily digestible
    so to reduce weight do exercise like
    1km jogging,100 jumping s,10-20 sit ups,abb exercise it is must to reduce the weight
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  13. dharamveer S Says:

    milk and banana very best diet reduce the weight.
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    benifit reduce weight.

  14. juli Says:

    banana will not reduce your weight. Take horsegram weekly twice in any preparation. walk daily. check your blood glucose level. consult with dietitian. take banana stem juice. weekly twice.
    good wishes
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    mypersonel experience

  15. sridhar prahlad Says:

    “Hands down, the most successful weight-loss method was keeping a record of what you eat,”


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  16. Sukhjinder S Says:

    The biggest booster used to reduce weight is “dietary fiber” and banana has 3g of dietary fiber.
    That is the reason it also helps in managing weight. I use managing not only reducing. Well it can help reducing if the whole day’s diet has lots of fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals with regular exercise and adequate rest.
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  17. Mrigraj Singh Chauhan Says:

    stop eating banana, start licking
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  18. Ronaldo Sachin-Unbeatables Says:

    A single banana has everything including the minerals and it contains the nutritious values in correct amount. Two bananas and a Single glass of milk (only sugar added) is a good diet but u must maintain the balance in ur lunch and dinner!!! hav a good diet ! Hope my answer was useful ….
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  19. arooj F Says:

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  20. ammu Says:

    ya it reeduce weight
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  21. yogi Says:

    no banana not reduce the weight
    banana increasing the weight
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  22. Sanghavi k Says:

    i think banana is really a good diet but u don’t lose weight but if eat a banana a day ,u would not might like to eat anything the whole day!
    and the most important thing is that u should not drink water after u eat a banana because the enzymes present in them are lost if drink water after eating it~!
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  23. debratna Says:

    The latest dieting fad in Japan is the “morning banana diet”. There is a national shortage of banana because of it! The diet is very simple to follow. So give it a try
    InstructionsDifficulty: Easy
    Things You’ll Need:
    1. The man who started the craze in Japan is Hitoshi Watanabe, who lost 38 pounds in less than a year by following the diet. His wife, a pharmacist, came up with the plan as a way to help Watanabe lose the weight he gained from eating late dinners and no exercise. Bananas fit the bill for a filling, nutritious food relatively low in calories.
    2. The basic rules of the morning banana diet are simple: – Eat as many bananas as you want in the morning. – Eat a normal lunch and dinner. – Eat dinner before 8 p.m – Go to bed before midnight. – Snacks between meals are allowed in moderation. – Drinking alcohol is allowed in moderation.
    3. What’s the truth about the morning banana diet? Filling your belly with wholesome natural raw fruits all morning is a great way to change your eating habits.
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  24. Ajay N Says:

    ofcourse it reduces the weight
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  25. vasu Says:

    no .

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