Morning Banana Diet (Official)

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  1. Acroquer703 Says:

    take Apo-K, that’s …
    take Apo-K, that’s potassium..

  2. DomestikDisturbance Says:

    What is the very …
    What is the very last song used, please?

  3. digitalnogitsune Says:

    Since you are …
    Since you are eating the bananas first thing in the morning, those calories won’t be there by the time the end of the day comes around. They are not bad calories and it is fruit so there is the added benefit. I think the most bananas to eat in the morning is 2. Too many bananas = too much potassium which could = cramps. Depends on the size of the bananas.
    I am doing this diet and loosing weight from it. This diet is perfect for people who don’t like to eat breakfast or eating on the run.

  4. plutoplatters Says:

    ALL it is…is…. …
    ALL it is…is…. eating LESS….

  5. EvolutionIXRR Says:

    this is the …
    this is the cheapest way to lose weight and at the same time it’s healthy. I’m an amateur boxer and banana diet is what I always do to meet the weigh-in requirement.

  6. chambaal Says:

    so you dont have to …
    so you dont have to work out right?
    but what if you work out?
    and wow 6 weeks i guess i can loose 15 pounds on 1 month if i try really hard.
    i guess it is a diet for lazy ppl…dont get me wrong if it works great then but still seems pretty weird.

  7. innocensehatsudou17 Says:

    i like philippine …
    i like philippine bananas!!!!

  8. iPikee Says:

    lol you really …
    lol you really dont have any bananas. hahaha

  9. iluvyoyo4 Says:

    i dun c how this …
    i dun c how this diet works if there is no exercise required and also since ur consuming such a large quantity of calories too. . . bananas hv da highest calorie content in them.
    i read some ppl’s blog, saying that u should eat 2-4 bananas then wateva u want for lunch & dina and snacks too. . . dat honestly sounds like a fad to me~

  10. giveittomebebe Says:

    i’m on this diet, …
    i’m on this diet, i’ve lost 5 lbs in 16 days. No exercising! i have a blog that i write about it if you don’t believe me. morning-banana.blogspot[.]com

  11. yoskiergal Says:

    I’m not sure how …
    I’m not sure how this is a diet…unless Japanese women just have really really big breakfasts….

    but the way this “diet” works, is probably how you should be eating anyway, isn’t it?

  12. triglaw Says:

    thanks again!
    thanks again!

  13. morningbananadiet Says:

    I tried to post a …
    I tried to post a response with links, but YouTube ate it.

    It’s Emi Nakao. There are a couple of videos here on YouTube of her singing it in her later years, and there is an audio only video of her singing the whole song here.

    There’s also a video of Connie Francis singing it in Japanese here.

    And there are a bunch of videos of other Japanese singing it.

    Search for “中尾ミエ” and “可愛いベイビー” (her name and the song’s name).

  14. triglaw Says:

    Do you know who is …
    Do you know who is covering it? Thanks!

  15. morningbananadiet Says:

    It’s a 1960s era …
    It’s a 1960s era Japanese cover version of Connie Francis’s “Pretty Little Baby.”

  16. triglaw Says:

    whats the name of …
    whats the name of this song at 0:19?

  17. xXKentoXx Says:

    it was on tv …
    it was on tv yesterday

  18. Claralanz4 Says:

    Even though it …
    Even though it works i still don’t think that it’s a good idea by having a banana and water for breakfast?! your body needs more than that to start a day. Regular exercises and healthy diet is the way.

  19. allhopeisgone32666 Says:

    thats starving …
    thats starving urself ur not gonna lose weight by that, heres what u do… u eat bananas for breakfast at least 2 maybe with some v8 and warm water, lunch maybe a piece of lean chicken with some corn, and dinner a nice turkeyburger, or at least that works for me.

  20. flaggedyou Says:

    i eat banana …
    i eat banana everyday but i don’t think i am getting lighter

  21. c1catwoman Says:

    this those work, …
    this those work, but i don’t know if it works for americans because majority of asian foods are low in calories, even there snacks. so i don’t know.

  22. Nattylu Says:

    apparently it …
    apparently it acutally works.. all my friends tried it, and they said they lost weight. My friend has acutally done it for about 3 weeks now… she acutally lost like 5 pounds.. and she doesn’t exercise very much, and she eats.. a lot..

  23. italyf1facup Says:

    eat dinner.
    eat dinner.

  24. BarbieG Says:

    It’s maybe because …
    It’s maybe because your metabolism will have slowed down as you weren’t eating as much.
    But maybe also because you were just used to it or something…

    Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to buy bananas & try this!

  25. domdom55555 Says:

    it works…
    it works…

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