Has anyone ever tried the morning banana diet?

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  1. catloverr Says:

    lol no… but i doubt it will work.. im guessing you eat a banana in the morning and like nothing else? sounds okay at first but i bet its hard..
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  2. Michelle D Says:

    I read about it too & was shocked. I have been inadvertantly following this diet for years & it has not worked! Seriously, how can it possibly work with just a banana for breakfast, then anything you want for lunch and dinner. The good part is no dessert & in bed before midnight. THOSE are the things that will help you lose weight (but not a ton).
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  3. answer-man Says:

    I have tried almost all diets, including this one, and my experience is that there is no magic diet. If you do not control the number of calories that you consume and then burn more through exercise, you will NOT lose weight. The only change I noticed with bananas was that it made me feel somewhat fuller in the morning so I did not get my mid-morning snack as I used to.
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