Does the Banana Diet Really Work?

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  1. lipos77 Says:

    i was heavy, now i …
    i was heavy, now i am not. I was eating junk food once a week. am not a fan

  2. hanane1990 Says:

    wow ,, thats whey , …
    wow ,, thats whey ,, becuze you’re heavy!

    but in lunch and dinner ,, did you realy eat junk food
    or ,,what ever you want but healthy ??

  3. lipos77 Says:

    i was quite heavy, …
    i was quite heavy, now i finished. i weighted 120 kg and now i am 85! this actually worked and was free. Only pay for some bananas! 😀

  4. hanane1990 Says:

    will ,, are you man …
    will ,, are you man or women ??

    and how match you was weight befor??

  5. emzirek Says:

    Make mine a banana …
    Make mine a banana split.

  6. JerrysLifeVideos Says:


  7. plutoplatters Says:

    jesussssssss ! all …
    jesussssssss ! all it is… is… “reducing your intake” go to bed early …geee.. think this is to avoid eating ? hence “eating less” people simply eat waaaaay toooo much food crap foods included. that’s all it is… will this psychosis EVER end ???

  8. mrjamest2000 Says:

    yeah same here nate.
    yeah same here nate.

  9. lipos77 Says:

    it works perfectly. …
    it works perfectly. Ilost 12 killograms in 1 month. almost 28 pounds!

  10. slaking101 Says:

    bull crap. I saw …
    bull crap. I saw those before and after pictures on another diet website

  11. Twinman2 Says:

    LOL, it’s not a …
    LOL, it’s not a Westernized version of the diet, it’s a North American version of the publicity for it – with the typical before/after and testimonials. The other funny thing is that bananas are on the list of forbidden foods for most diets! But hey, doesn’t hurt to try!

  12. DjRevTech Says:

    Looks good to me. …
    Looks good to me. Big up, good diet.

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